Wine Tasting – St Hallett Wines

St Hallett – Rowland Flat It is hard to pass up St Hallett when setting out to enjoy some wine tasting. Established in 1944, St Hallett is a long time member of the Barossa’s “family” of vineyards.  St Hallett Winery has become well known for its Old Block Shiraz. St Hallett is another of those great iconic wineries to […]

Lost in a Forest Wine Bar – Hidden Secret Destination

Everyone loves a Hidden Secret!  Lost in a Forest Wine Bar Why are people getting so excited about Lost in a Forest Wine Bar, a boutique Adelaide Hills food and wine destination newcomer? We’d like to think it’s probably due to the holistic approach being taken to the food and wine. The venue is serving up minimal intervention […]

“Slurpability” – the ultimate test and measure of a wine’s pleasure factor

Although it all starts with a good ‘swirl’ and then a ‘sniff’, it’s that ‘slurp’ that encourages wine to give up its hidden secrets. We all have parts of our personality which need a bit of coaxing to be revealed, wine is no different. It’s that rush of air that brings out the best in […]

“Wine Vocab” – walk the walk and talk the talk

Wine is a seriously subjective thing, as everybody has different likes and dis-likes. There is no right or wrong, just a matter of trying it all to broaden your experience. The same goes for the language. It takes years to master the semantics of wine, all the peculiar terms, phrases and complex terminology; from Appellation […]

“Sommelier-ship-ism” – what does this rarefied wine art serve up?

Our tours strive to give you a balanced selection of food and wine options to complement your adventure. Sommeliers are individuals who are gifted at telling a wine’s story. They share where it comes from, who made it, how it was made, what makes it unique and most importantly of all why it is the […]

All that glitters with gold may not necessarily be treasure

The 5 star winery and 100 point wines they strive to make, often adorned with gold and silver clearly attract attention and we recommend you try them. However, although lots of stars, high scores on your report card and glitter help to differentiate some high achievers from others, this is not always a guarantee that […]

In Tannins Grip

Although the tannic nature of some wines aid in maturation, there are some trains of thought that these tannins do not always lead to longevity in a wine. It’s a matter of balance. Sometimes this tannic sense, or drying harshness is reflective of under-ripeness of fruit at harvest revealing the undeveloped nature of the fruit. […]