Maggie Beer’s Pheasant Farm Shop

The Pheasant Farm and its Attractions

Growing up in a restaurateur family in the 1970’s, the story of the Maggie Beer family and their pheasants in the Barossa Valley still resonates personally with me.

Maggie Beer Farm Shop History, Food & Wine Tour Destination

Maggie Beer Family

It was an era when consumers began to expand their culinary repertoire and embrace foods previously only associated with fine dining.

What made Maggie Beer such a pioneer?

Maggie appreciated the power of simple food with flavour and embraced the opportunity provided her by her farm in the Barossa Valley.

Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop today is truly an amazing pantry and a testament to what can be achieved with vision and determination.

The size and popularity of the business lays testament to this success.

A humble kitchen now a luxury food destination

What a dynamic and bustling place this once humble restaurant has become, truly a must-see on a food and wine day tour adventure to the Barossa Valley.

Attraction on Gourmet Food and Fine Wine Tour to Barossa Valley

One of the many Pheasants in the Maggie Beer Farm Aviaries

It is like visiting your favourite Auntie or Grandmother when you were young. Invited by these great family cooks to help in the kitchen and let loose in the pantry.

The main attraction deservedly is all of the great produce that brand Maggie Beer has become known for.

However it is great to take the time to stop to enjoy the beautiful pheasants at the farm. The colours and beauty of these birds never ceases to amaze.

Another great attraction is the dam and the turtles that call it home. It is great to sit on the deck with a produce basket and glass of local Barossa Shiraz and watch these amphibians having fun.

Food and Wine Tastings

Gourmet Food & Fine Wine Tour Destination, Maggie Beer

Maggie Beer Farm Store

The Maggie Beer products have made their way into many a foodie’s fridge and pantry. They are great ingredients to add a little “gourmet” and a lot of “flavour” to a favourite recipe.

Maggie Beer’s Farm would have to be one of the more diverse and engaging open pantry tasting experiences on offer on the food and wine tour trail.

The focus is all on the experience. The range of condiments, dips, is seemingly endless. Once you get started it is hard to stop as you work your way around the many tasting stations; dipping, dunking, drizzling and trying all those amazing flavours.

The range from cellar and pantry, all using fresh seasonal fruit is diverse. Verjuice, Vino Cotto, Olive Oils, Chutneys, Stocks, Sugo’s & Sauces, Pastes, Jams, Biscuits, Relishes and Tea’s. The list continues, but that is why you should visit and try them all.

Indulging in a World of Flavour

The essence of the range of products is FRESH and FLAVOUR. Each taste of one of the many samples is all about authenticity and the individuality of the raw product.

The great thing about the Maggie Beer Farm experience is that you literally get to lick the spoon, lots and lots of them. But double dipping is not allowed.

The idea of offering hampers is perfect for visitors, especially to those from abroad or interstate. There are a multitude of combinations and there is the option to have them packed and sent home.

The Maggie Beer Foundation

The well-known Maggie Beer passion for fresh food with flavour deserves to be shared around, and be an inspiration to others. That is where the Maggie Beer Foundation has set its sights since 2014. The foundation is firmly focusing its efforts on the Aged care sector having identified that the industry could benefit from some inspiration and education.

The focus is about encouraging the industry to provide the elderly with access to full flavour food packed with nutrients rather than the bland fare that has become the norm. Maggie believes that no one group of people deserve it more and that meals should provide comfort and be looked forward to.

For more information, visit the Maggie Beer Foundation website and make a donation.  It is great to support an organisation which strives to embrace the principal that food has the power to bring joy and change lives.

Join us on a visit to Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop

Wine and Food Tour Destination

Deck overlooking Farm Dam

We schedule weekly small group gourmet food and wine tours to the Barossa Valley in our luxury chauffeured mini-bus and would recommend including a visit to Maggie Beer’s.

It perfectly complements the artisan food producers and great boutique wineries we visit.



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