Paracombe Premium Perry

Damian McArdle and family at Paracombe, Adelaide Hills were originally primary producers and now have diversified into micro-brewers specialising in handmade pear and apple ciders as Paracombe Premium Perry.

This small family business have also expanded into tourism, offering visitors a personalised insight into their cider making operation. Paracombe Premium Perry is also a wedding venue, where people can relax and enjoy the beautiful orchard atmosphere during the wedding ceremony.

Paracombe Premium Perry

Damian McArdle amongst the Lemon Bergamot Pears

What is ‘Perry’ ?

Perry is an alcoholic drink made from fermented pears in much the same way that cider is made from apples. Perry is occasionally but somewhat contentiously referred to as ‘pear cider’.

This pleasant drink originated in England centuries ago, and is now available in the Adelaide Hills.

How the McArdle family became Perry Producers

Damian sought opportunities to showcase the Lemon Bergamot pears, originally planted by his grandfather, and also motivated by a desire to show people that fresh is best. His passion and entrepreneurial spirit lead to the creation of Paracombe Premium Perry.

This is a uplifting story of success of a small producer and determination to remain viable in our current competitive environment, often dominated by large organisations focussed only on making profit rather than quality and unique products.

Why we visit Paracombe Premium Perry

Shiraz and Co include Paracombe Premium Perry in our tours when  clients indicate they are looking for unique tastes, and something a little outside the mainstream winery tour.  This fits well with the Paracombe Premium Perry experience with a unique product produced by a committed family in their Adelaide Hills property.

Hosting small group farm tours, we take visitors through the Perry production process; from tree to bottle. This involves an orchard walk, an explanation of the market situation, the Perry brewing process, bottling and labelling which is all done in-house and very hands on.

The aroma of fresh pears is amazing as you enter the production facility, aromatherapy at its best, the smell of pears turns the cider tasting experience into a whole new sensual experience. Of course sampling the Perry and ciders is an important part of the tour!

Contact us to reserve a tour through the delightful Paracombe Premium Perry and taste their beautiful range of Perry and ciders or visit their website for more information