Top Food & Wine Tour Destinations

Hand Crafting Cheese and the Barossa’s latest bespoke Wine Tasting Experience

This is Part 2 of our summary of  Top Food and Wine Tour Destinations  near-to-Adelaide and a few more of our recommended places to visit while on a full day tour with Shiraz and Co Tours. Read Top Food & Wine Tour Destinations part 1 here.

We have a list of suggested themed tour itineraries showcased here, or if you have a particular interest we are happy to coordinate a custom collection of attractions and activities for you. Simply give us a call and let us know what is on your wish list.

Tours can be food or wine focused, or a combination of both, and with a great number of new providers now available we can incorporate ciders, beers, gin, honey, cheese, chocolate and more, all with great sightseeing along the way.

4. Culturing an appreciation for Cheese – Culinary Art Productions

Top Food and Wine Tour Destinations – The Art of Cheese Making

Pairing Wine with Cheese is a very traditional combination, one product enhancing the taste and enjoyment of the other. Wine and cheese matching has become an art also and we have a top food and wine tour destinations which focus on what goes with what, but here its all about making cheese.

Although there are several Cheese Wrights in Adelaide’s surrounding wine regions, the experience that gets some serious praise is the artisan cheese making class run by Culinary Art Productions at their farm and vineyard in the McLaren Vale wine region.

Milk straight from the Farm

Cheese making class tour

Milking Hettie the Goat

Here Lulu and Grace, cheese maker and affineur, direct small half day master classes in the art of cheese making. This is a true hands-on experience. It starts with the introduction to Hettie and her friends, goats to be exact, and ends with a long table lunch enjoying the estate grown wines and fresh hand-made cheeses.

After meeting and feeding the goats it’s time for milking. Everyone gets a turn and there is a real sense of achievement once you start to get the milk into the pail. Then it’s into the kitchen to make some fresh cheese with the still warm milk.

Quality control and hygiene are priorities so there are aprons and lots of washing and sterilising. Then the fun begins.

The language of Cheese making

Lulu and Grace get you familiar with terms such as lactic curd, fromage blanc, mould, bacteria, rennet, brine, lipase and culture. Then after a morning coffee break it’s on-wards with Haloumi, Fetta, Ricotta and White Mould.
Fermenting and curdling milk has never been so rewarding. The objective is to turn a fresh perishable product into cheeses which have a shelf life. No wonder wine and cheese have so much affinity for each other, they share a focus on process to build complex yet balanced flavour and aroma.

Hands on Cheese Making Class

Cheese Making Class

Grace also explains the art of ageing cheese, like cellaring wine, the art of the Affineur. The class is then treated to an international smorgasbord of soft and hard imported cheeses to put perspective on the difference age, storage, treatment and terroir have. Notable cheeses from the UK, France and Italy are discussed and their unique characteristics explored and contrast against what cheese makers are producing locally. Grace and Lulu highlight a list of go-to local artisan producers for those that want to get the scoop on exciting new cheeses on offer.

Long Table Lunch

Boutique Cheese Making Class

Long Table Cheese Lunch

The food is local produce based and made with love, mostly fresh from the garden. The class then get to share the cheeses made in the morning, some cooked some served fresh, all in a way to highlight their versatility. These are served with Estate grown wines chosen to complement the cheeses perfectly.

Simply delicious and even better as you get to take all the cheese you made home, including a recipe sheet and instructions so that you can continue your journey at home.

These classes have very limited numbers and are very exclusive, so bookings are again essential. This is a great way to see the Vales, learn a new cooking skill and taste some brilliant estate grown wines.

5. Bespoke Wine Tasting Experience – St Hugo Cellar Door

Top Food and Wine Tour Destinations – Premium Cellar Door Experiences

St Hugo Cellar Door Wine Tasting

St Hugo Cellar Door

The Barossa Valley has undoubtedly built a loyal following and serious brand credibility amongst the wine loving community. Serious integrity and history underpins the region, especially when it comes to premium red wines. It is a great destination with its large number of long established wine labels and cellar doors.

The Barossa Valley  has a number of notable premium cellar doors offering luxury tasting experiences. There are several on our itinerary list offering private hosted tastings.  Some offer tastings in exclusive tasting rooms away from the weekend crowds where you can connect with the premium, museum and reserve products in an intimate atmosphere.

State of the Art Cellar Door and Restaurant

Luxury Wine Tour Cellar Door

St Hugo Cellar Door, Rowland Flat

It is always exciting when someone adds another notable venue to the mix.

A recently re-opened historic cellar door, St Hugo at Rowland Flat has transformed an iconic local landmark site into a state of the art wine appreciation facility complete with tasting room and fine dining degustation restaurant.

This amazing venue offers a personalised approach to experiencing the premium St Hugo range of wines. The location speaks for itself. The creek, buildings and the view have heritage significance in the Valley, with the vine covered walled courtyard an amazing feature.

Exclusive tasting and dining experiences

Here you will be able to indulge in a menu of bespoke wine flights, private tastings in the Hugo Grant Bottle Room, Chef’s table lunches including a tour through the vineyard, inspecting the cork trees and kitchen garden, participate in a private tutored tasting in the cellar and chatting with the chef’s as they prepare your gourmet meal.

The renovation of the cellar door is in itself a work of art, the interior design focus being on finishes synonymous with the character of the region, highlighting the natural beauty of local stone and timber. Large picture glass windows bring the vineyard into the tasting room and add to the exclusivity of the tasting experience.

These exclusive tastings are by appointment and spaces are naturally limited. We recommend allowing a good half day to make the most of this location and to fully appreciate what this iconic brand is all about.

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