Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Itineraries on the website fixed, or can they be altered?

We specialise in offering tailored bespoke Itineraries, as there are so many great food and wine venues in our famous regions.

The website itineraries are just a suggested sample of what is available and the cost associated with this particular itinerary. We encourage you to contact us via the Request a Booking Form and select Bespoke Tour I – Tailored Food & Wine Experience and share your wishes and passions and we will craft your bespoke itinerary for you.

If a custom Itinerary is is set, can it be changed on the day of the tour?

Custom itineraries are never set in stone.

We do carefully plan your itinerary in line with your preferences and in view of venue opening hours, location, timing and make bookings for your group to ensure you are afforded appropriate ‘preferred client’ service levels and not subject to unncessary waiting etc.

We will seek your feedback during the tour to make sure that it meets your needs. We wish to ensure that any changes in preferences are considered, and will, where practicable, alter the itinerary if possible. We often make suggestions too, if we feel that an altered itinerary may be beneficial for the tour, these will always be voluntary.

Some of these changes may result in out of pocket expenses, these will always be disclosed.

Do we have to share the tour with others, or can we keep it private?

Our website Small Group tours are priced per person (min booking of 2 persons) on a “shared vehicle basis” with a maximum of 6 people. If you book a small group of less than 6 you may have other small group(s) share the day with you. This is the most economical way to see highlights of the region.

If you wish for a private tour where you have control of the itinerary and have the vehicle to your self, a surcharge will apply. This makes it a private tour and we encourage you to contact us via the Request a Booking Form and select Bespoke Tour I – Tailored Food & Wine Experience and we will quote this for your group.

If we want to change the itinerary or lunch at a particular place, what may the costs be and how will we be charged?

Apart from the suggsted itineraries, any changes to the venues may affect the price of the tour, as differing venue fees will be levied. Venue and lunch upgrades are available, and surcharges vary. Just ask for details here.

If I book for a group, who is responsible for the booking and payment?

The person making the booking will be liable for full payment.

The total tour cost is levied on the person booking the tournot on the individuals on the tour. Although fees are quoted per person, the person booking is responsible for payment and acknowldeges compliance with the terms and conditions that apply. Please see our website for full Terms & Conditions.

If standard tasting fees and a shared platter lunch are included, what happens if we change the itinerary?

If changes result in costs being incurred, these will be disclosed and the person authorising the changes will be liable for payment of any additional fees for the tour. Once reservations have been made, no refunds for unused portions of the tour will be provided.

Do all quoted tour venues include tasting fees?

Tasting fees vary from venue to venue, in amount and also how and when they are levied. We will build these into the itinerary and disclose if tasting fees will need to be borne by guests while on tour.

Are there any discounts available at venues for tour guests?

Venues often have cellar door specials available, which are not available through retail channels.

Also, some offer free or discounted freight on goods purchased, although conditions do apply.

As a guest of a Shiraz&Co Tour you may avoid tasting fees which may otherwise be levied, which is just one of the many other benefits of going on a curated food and wine tour.

Does Shiraz&Co collect comissions from venues which are visited?

Shiraz&Co do not specialise in offering fixed itineraries, we suggest the best any most suitable venues, based on client perceived preferences.

Shiraz&Co Tours does not collect guest or sales comissions from venues. Our tours may be marginally more costly to deliver as a result, but impartiality remains less likely compromised.