Our most northerly wine region, the Clare Valley, is found some 2 hours or 150km’s drive to the north of Adelaide.


The generally warmer and dryer climate means that some vineyards have to irrigate. The growers who resist benefit from producing grapes with concentrated flavours as a result of reduced yields.

Although the Clare Valley is celebrated as the epicentre of quality Riesling production in Australia, it produces an outstanding range of other notable wine varieties. The Chardonnays and Semillons span the full spectrum, from subtle to succulent. Award winning Cabernets are also crafted in the region.

The region encompasses around 40 wineries. They are set amongst a cluster of villages, nestled in a picturesque valley surrounded by a patchwork of farmland and elegant vineyards; a place of natural beauty. The local community has emphasized perfectly the region’s strengths; the 35 km cycling ‘Riesling Trail’ trail from which the mixed farm and native bushland can be enjoyed to the multiple art galleries interspersed by cellar doors.

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