Ngeringa Wines – Bio-dynamic Wine Destination

Owners Erinn and Janet Klein of Ngeringa Wines have developed a bio-dynamic oasis that resonates with nature. You sense harmony as soon as you enter the property, past picturesque paddocks and farm land at the base of the Mount Barker Summit.

Ngeringa Wines. A unique food & wine destination

Ngeringa Wines. A unique food & wine destination

The property was established in 2001 as part of the family’s Jurlique herb farm. The 20+ year old biodynamically certified soil guarantees a healthy environment with no residual artificial sprays, chemicals or toxins. By protecting this natural ecosystem and biodiversity the Klein’s have created a holistic and calming cellar door experience showcasing their stunning bio-dynamically grown and produced wine.

Their efforts in sustainable agriculture were acknowledged with the 2013 PIRSA Premium Food and Wine from our Clean Environment Wine Award.

What makes the Bio-dynamic difference?

Ngeringa Wines’ point of difference is its NASAA Certified Biodynamic nature. Biodynamics works within the cycles of nature, respects the natural health of the soil and interconnection of plants, animals and phases of the moon. As Erinn says “Traditional bio-dynamic practices allow the soil, site, season and variety to express themselves in the wines”.  Biodynamics requires hands-on care in contrast to the mechanised approach more typical of vineyard operations. Biodynamics also has a minimal intervention approach in the winery.

Erinn strives for wines which are “of a traditional style with elegance and structure favouring hand harvest and small batch winemaking, only wild fermentation and the use of minimal new (French) oak”. His objective is to produce wine with vitality and integrity which authentically reflects the region.

What makes this Winery Experience so Unique?

We love taking people on tours to Ngeringa Wines – but not only because of the great food and wine; but the feeling of being in a Tuscan vineyard with family and friends. You just want to linger for ever. Here is an operation which honestly respects maintaining the balance of nature.  A small herd of Scottish Highland cattle complement the Vines. Sheep and fowl roam the vineyard and an orchard, veggie and herb garden provide clean produce for the hearty wood oven pizzas and gourmet fare.

This is as close as to “paddock to plate” as you can get.

Read more in their website.

Ngeringa Arts Cultural Centre

We can arrange to take you to the new Ngeringa Arts Cultural Centre in the tour we create for you. The arts centre perched on top of Mount Barker summit is on the way to Ngeringa Estate Winery. Erinn’s philanthropist mother Ulrike championed the stunning 200 seat venue to support chamber music in South Australia. As Ulrike Klein describes: nature teaches us what life actually is and music is very similar. It possesses a similar life-force and is never static.